Financial Express Online- the business news site from the house of The Indian Express Online Media aims to bring stakeholders from across the advertising, media and entertainment sector under one roof to discuss and deliberate on how to tackle fraud in the space of online advertising. 

While no major ad fraud prevention corporations have been able to come to a consensus regarding the total cost of ad fraud, TrafficGuard/Juniper evaluates it to be currently at $34 billion. This is expected to reach $87 billion by 2022 -- majority of which will be lost in the APAC region, with the current $19 billion set to touch $56 billion. Further, Intercepted --- a mobile ad fraud prevention tool reported that 21.3% of iOS and 26.9% of Android apps installed are fraudulent.  

Meanwhile, the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) predicts that ad fraud will become the biggest market for organised crime by 2025, worth about $50 billion. Interestingly, at present there are three most prevalent forms for fraud -- stats show that of the $25.8 billion lost, app install farms/SDK spoofing accounted for 42%, click injection for 30%, and click spam for 27%.  As more and more advertisers scale-up their ad spends on digital -- measuring impact will be a key metric to control wastage. The two-day virtual event titled, ‘AdFraud Insiders Summit 2021’ is focussed at how the online industry together can create a brand safe environment to advertise.


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